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What is Kill Putin ($KILLPUTIN) Coin?

What is Kill Putin ($KILLPUTIN) Coin? How To Buy $KILLPUTIN Token?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is ongoing, the Russian airforce is continuously attacking Ukrainian cities. Many people in Ukraine have lost their lives and left their homes. Even Russia is also having a big loss in this war. Today due to this war the world is standing in front of World War 3.

Many countries and organizations are helping Ukraine in their ways to provide a shield to Ukraine in front of Russia. Now recently a new cryptocurrency token has been launched with the name of Kill Putin, this coin seems to be related to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Let’s discuss more this token in detail.

What is Kill Putin Coin ($KILLPUTIN) Coin?

According to the Kill Putin website, $KILLPUTIN is a BEP20 token launched in March 2022. Kill Putin Coin ($KILLPUTIN) is a first-of-its-kind community-driven cryptocurrency token that aims to eliminate Russian President Vladimir Putin before he drags the world into his suicidal path of destruction.

What is the Mission of Kill Putin Coin ($KILLPUTIN) Coin?

In the previous two World Wars, millions of people have lost their lives. And now the same situation has again risen in front of the world. The main aim of the Kill Putin coin is to bring peace to the world by choosing drastic measures in order to prevent World War 3 from happening.

The famous scientist Albert Einstein has already predicted the unimaginable outcome of a nuclear war. And now the Kill Putin coin is going to use the collective power of Blockchain technology to prevent the war from happening.

This project joins the international community to kill Vladimir Putin by placing a bounty on his head. The community also claims they are also sending messages to Putin that he will never be safe during sleep.

What is the Kill Putin Coin ($KILLPUTIN) Tokenomics?

  1. Passive Income: Kill Putin token provides a guarantee to earn passive income to their holders. For every transaction, a 5% fee is immediately and automatically redistributed to all token holders. It means the more you hold more you earn.
  2. Hyper-Deflationary​: KILLPUTIN token guarantees in every transaction some tokens will be burned and this burn rate will increase to reduce the circulating supply and increase the value of the token​.
  3. Putin’s Bounty: In every transaction, this project will also add some tokens to its locked wallet which holds the bounty for Vladimir Putin’s head. This bounty will increase as the number of transactions will increase.
  4. Humanitarian Wallet: This project also has a Humanitarian Wallet published by Ukraine and a portion of every transaction will go to this wallet to help the victims of Russia and Ukraine’s war.

How to Buy Kill Putin ($KILLPUTIN) Coin?

If you also want to buy this coin then you can buy it from your Metamask wallet. The process to buy this coin is:

  1. Download Metamask: To buy this coin you should have a Metamask wallet. If you have not installed this wallet then you can download it from Playstore and App Store for Android and iOS users. Make sure you have stored your seed phrase in a secure place.
  2. Buy Some ETH or BNB: In your Metamask wallet you must have ETH or BNB tokens available to swap with a $KILLPUTIN coin.
  3. Visit Our Kill Putin’s Swap Page: To swap your ETH or BNB with Kill Putin Coin you have to visit the official swap page of Kill Putin token. Then select chain either Ethereum Mainnet or BSC. Then enter the amount of your ETH or BNB and then click on the Swap button.
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