Gerald Cotten

CEO Filed a Will With Passwords to $145mn 12 Days Before His Death

This CEO of Cryptocurrency exchange filed his will with passwords to $145 million before 12 Days of his death. He left all his assets to his wife and for his two dogs.
Ripple Vs Bitcoin

Would Ripple beat Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies in Future?

Ripple is emerging as a second most powerful cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Many investors and financial institutions are showing their interest in ripple. Unlike Bitcoin (which uses Blockchain), Ripple works...

Here’s Why Blockchain is Considered as Most Powerful Technology!!

BlockChain Technology has come to a long way within a few years. Undeniably BlockChain is considered as the greatest invention of this century. Due to its powerful features and...
Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin: Which one is better for Investment?

Bitcoin Cash(BCH) vs. Bitcoin(BTC) which one is better? Do you know Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was originated from Bitcoin? Yes, it’s true; Bitcoin Cash was a part of Bitcoin Blockchain. It...
Zebpay Announcement Indian Rupees Withdrawals Could Stop

Crypto Crash: Zebpay Announcement Indian Rupees Withdrawals Could Stop

Zebpay Announces Indian Rupees Withdrawals Could Stop!! Zebpay Breaking News: Today on 21-06-2018 Zebpay's important announcement came for Indian Cryptocurrency users. According to Zebpay, the Withdrawal of Indian Rupees from...
Russia Central Bank

Which Russia’s Bank’s are Piloting Bitcoin and Crypto Portfolios?

Russia's Bank's are Piloting Bitcoins and Crypto Portfolios Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular day by day. According to recent news and a post in Kommersant...