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Betrium (BTRM) – World’s First Decentralized Betting Service Provider

What is Betrium (BTRM)?

Betrium (BTRM) is a wonderful platform for people interested in betting activities. It provides a decentralized betting service that comes without commissions while doing a transaction using cryptocurrencies. The world of gambling has seen so much progress in the recent years. According to an analysis, a significant population across the world has already indulged in gambling. Being a well-structured blockchain enabled platform service; Betrium intends to bring change in the world of gambling by eradicating all problems associated with traditional betting services.

How does Betrium Operate?

  • Betrium offers one of the most popular application program interfaces i.e. RESTful API that allows developers to create betting bots to interact with the interested users.
  • The technical framework under which the Betrium token is implemented is ERC20. The Ethereum Request for Comment or simply ERC uses the 20 number which is used to make a request. It is a list of guidelines for Ethereum tokens that fall within the parameter of Ethereum ecosystem.
  • ERC20 a blockchain-based decentralized token is used to validate smart contracts for implementing tokens.
  • The rules falling under ERC-20 enables the developers to facilitate interaction between tokens. These rules define how the tokens are transferred among the users. Also, data is unlocked by using these tokens.
  • Overall Betrium’s profit is equally shared among its users which is also the reason behind its growth. Therefore, the token has got direct backing from the Betrium financial success and has a real growth.

Betrium Unique Features:

  1. Betrium has a global presence and provides round-the-clock customer service in 18 languages. It provides back up for crypto-currencies withdrawals.
  2. It does not charge any commission during deposits and withdrawals of money and on any winnings.
  3. Betrium supports iOS/Android-based mobile applications.
  4. All the bets that take place on the platform are broadcasted instantly all over the network which further allows the odds to be recalculated.

Advantages of Betrium:

  • Bets are thrown off- chain and they are added at the time of actual events happening which further leaves no room for any dispute. Further, all the bets are transmitted across the entire network.
  • Betrium encompasses a decentralized IT structure and offers high-speed betting service, staying ahead of its competitors.
  • Betrium provides a complete worldwide solution and supports hardware digital wallets including BTC, ETH, DASH, and ERC20 support. It has proved to be a profitable betting platform for organizers with minimum commissions. It offers easy to use secure payment methods.
  • Betrium can be termed as a unique and technically advanced service based on a blockchain technology that works like other ICO tokens of higher capacity.
  • As many as 50 percent of Beterium’s profit will be shared between tokens holders. The remaining 50 percent will be devoted towards the growth of the platform.

Betrium Users:

The traditional betting services are often condemned as various unfair means are employed to cheat people. Every independent organizer can earn money from gambling by indulging on bets through Betrium. So, it is primarily created for three types of users:

  1. Independent Developers
  2. Small event organizers
  3. Third-party service providers

Strategy employed during BTRM token pre-sale:

During the stage of pre-ICO, BTRM employed all means to present the best version of Betrium in the full ICO stage. It includes:

  • Adoption of MVP technology, a development technique that comes with adequate features to please the early users.
  • Providing a legal solution to issues involved in gambling or ICO regulation.
  • A good marketing campaigns to attracting the attention of advisors and sports enthusiasts.

Betrium ICO Details:

  • The token presale started from 28 February 2018 and finished on 30 March 2018.
  • Pre-ICO token price: 1 ETH= 6000 BTRM
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total tokens distributed: 140 million
  • Payments accepted through ETH

Final Words:

In the era when the competition is so high in every sector, including this cryptocurrency world, agencies can survive only if they provide something out of the box. The Betrium faces tough competition from Pinnacle, Betfair, BetStar, William Hill, Bet365 etc though it has successfully carved a niche in the domain by its unique betting concept. It is a revolutionized concept in online betting and gambling which has changed the way gambling has been conducted over the years traditionally. Certainly, Betrium is the face of future gambling.

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