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PalGold Token ICO Sale

PalGold Token (PALG) ICO Sale Is Ongoing and Ends on 6 Sep 2021

The cryptocurrency market is very huge, there are thousands of coins and tokens on different blockchain platforms. Every month many cryptocurrency platforms launch their coins and tokens as ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the cryptocurrency market for fundraising for their projects. PalGold (PALG) is also one of them.

What is PalGold Token (PALG) ICO?

PalGold Token (PALG) is a part of the PlayAndLike community. As long as the users stay on the platform, they will earn more PALG Token.

PAL (Play and Like) is a video platform where people can join and entertain themselves with small videos like shorts on youtube posted by people across the globe. This is like a social incentive for people to share and create their own videos like other videos.

When will be the PalGold Token (PALG) Available for Sale?

PalGold Token (PALG) sale is ongoing and it will end on 06 September 2021.

How to Participate in the PalGold Token (PALG) ICO Sale?

If you want to participate in the PalGold Token (PALG) ICO sale then you need to register at

PalGold (PALG) Token ICO Details

Token NamePalGold (PALG)
Tokens for Sale1,000,000 PALG
ICO Price$1.000002
Fundraising Goal$8,000,000
Personal Cap10BUSD
Where to Buy
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