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Crypto Mining Using Tesla Car

How Tesla Owner Has Mined $800 Per Month in Crypto Using His Electric Car

If we say word mining to some then he may think it difficult labor-intensive outdoor activity like coal mining, gold mining, etc. But when we add the word crypto with it then it is no longer a labor-intensive task. In the crypto world, mining is a process by which new cryptocurrencies enter into circulation as the user forms a blockchain network using multiple sophisticated hardware.

Some people think cryptocurrency mining is a very difficult task. The process of mining consumes too much electricity and it also needs the setup of expensive hardware.

But today we are going to introduce a person who has made crypto mining easy. A Bitcoin and Ethereum miner has found a new way to minimize the cost of electricity by connecting his MacBook to his 2018 Tesla Model 3. The name of the person is Siraj Raval and he claims he has mined $800 per month during the cryptocurrency boom last year.

Raval made this task easy by connecting a series of GPUs to his Tesla Model 3. The main source of power to this setup was the car’s large battery that helps in reducing the cost of mining.

How is Siraj Raval Made Mining Possible Using His Tesla Car?

Raval made the mining possible by connecting second-hand 5 GPUs to the Tesla battery which he bought from eBay. He mined the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum from this setup. He also used his Apple Mac Mini with an M1 chipset along with a 12-volt power socket located in his electric car.

Raval also added his car offers roughly 320 miles (approx. 514km) with a single charge. The monthly charging cost on his car is $40 (approx. ₹ 3000). In this way, he reduced the cost of electricity in mining.

However, The Tesla cars are not cheap it costs approx. $100,000 (approx Rs approx 74 lakh). What do you think about this trick used by Raval? Please tell us in the comments below.

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