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India’s Fastest Growing Chingari App Launched $GARI Crypto Tokens

After the ban of the Short video App TikTok from India, many other apps have started short videos facilities for their users. One of the most famous and fastest growing short video content creator apps Chingari has released its own $GARI tokens for its users. Currently millions of active users are producing content on this platform. To provide rewards to their users Chingari has released $GARI tokens. Now every time users create and share their content they will get Gari tokens.

What is $GARI Tokens by Chingari?

$GARI crypto tokens are released by the short video content creator app Chingari. It is a Blockchain-based token that will be used to monetize the content on the Chingari app. Chingari App content creators will get this token as a reward for every video they share.

GARI tokens have been released as a social token for the community of Chingari creators. This token will give the creators governance authority over the future platform developments through a DAO and create a circular economy. These tokens are based on the Solana Blockchain platform.

Sumit Ghosh Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Chingari App said, ‚ÄúOur mission is to institutionalize the space, and promote the growth and advancement of the underlying ecosystem and technology behind digital assets and blockchain.‚ÄĚ

At the event of the $GARI token launch, the famous Indian actor Salman Khan was also present there. The public sale of these tokens will start on 02 Nov 2021. People who are interested to buy these tokens can visit after the presale starts. Chingai app will raise more than $19M from this token presale.

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