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India’s position in BlockChain/Cryptocurrency Market

India’s position in BlockChain/Cryptocurrency Market

The uncertain government policies over cryptocurrency have put several investors in dilemma over whether they should continue to invest in cryptocurrency or not. However, several cryptocurrency experts have assured people that they should not feel worried and don’t hesitate in investing their money in cryptocurrency.

Let’s today talk about several legit cryptocurrency platforms from where you should purchase or sell coins. Moreover, today, we would also discuss several figures that would reinstate your belief in cryptocurrency and its situation in India.


This is one of the most trusted bitcoin exchange to purchase and sell bitcoins or mine bitcoin in India. The company boasts of 150,000 customers and counting. The company is located in Bengaluru, India. The company has customers not only in India but in foreign as well. It is quite easy to purchase and sell bitcoins using this platform. You can pay for bitcoin using IMPS/RTGS and NEFT. One can buy and sell up to 20 coins in a day using this platform.


This bitcoin exchange is extremely popular around the world.  It was launched in the year 2012. This platform can be accessed using iOS and Android.  It is extremely easy to operate this app and within a few click, you would be able to purchase the bitcoins. However, to buy and sell bitcoins you need to register on the website and also provide PAN card and Aadhar card number to carry out transactions.


This company is gradually gaining popularity among the Indians. It is a bitcoin exchange platform. However, it is being speculated that Indians are not interested in bitcoin exchange. However, the whopping number of users tell another story. People are immensely drawn toward this platform and exchanging bitcoins. You can use this platform to purchase the bitcoins because it is a trusted and secure platform.

Andhra Pradesh has become the first state in India to adopt blockchain technology. Recently, the chief minister of AP, Chandra Babu Naidu while attending Blockchain Business Conference said that his government is keen to introduce blockchain technology in two departments in his government. He mentioned that blockchain technology would ensure the security and protect government schemes from cybersecurity issues.

However, the craze of blockchain is not restricted only to Andhra Pradesh Government even according to some reports Indian Government is also planning to adopt blockchain technology in some of his departments. The decision has been taken because of the increasing cyber crime. It becomes essential for the government to strengthen their security and blockchain is immensely secure technology. Thus, the government is keen on adopting the blockchain technology in its various programs.

Every day approximately 2500 new Indians are investing in Bitcoins: According to economic times report despite the strict warning of Government and RBI, every day 2500 new Indians are investing their money in Bitcoins. This statistics goes on to prove that Indians are captivated by this digital currency and aspires to be the part of this bandwagon.

Thus, the above-mentioned figures would be enough to give you the assurance that the future of cryptocurrency is not bleak in India. In fact, it is quite bright.

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