Will Unstoppable Bitcoin BTC/USD cross the $10,000 Limit? Experts Analysis

BTC Crosses $9000

Today the Bitcoin has crossed the $9,000 after taking several ups and downs in the BTC/USD price in the last 24 hours. On Wednesday the last BTC price was closed to $8,790. But as the market analysis, it seems it is unstoppable to cross the $10000 soon.

Due to Pandemic COVID 19, the world economy has crashed. People are withdrawing their investment from Mutual funds and any other online investments. This may be a reason for the new asset for people where they love to invest and use for daily digital transactions. Anyway, we all are a witness to these fluctuations in BTC price. At the time of writing this post, the price of BTC was $8773. In the expert’s view, this is the perfect time to invest and earn some money.

BTC/USD Daily Market Chart

BTC Market Chart

In this chart, you can clearly see the increasing price of BTC against USD.

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