Rolex Entering Metaverse, Filed Crypto and NFT Trademark Applications

Rolex Entering Metaverse

With the increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency industry its assets NFTs, Cryptos, and Metaverse are becoming more popular among top leading brands in the world. Many brands like Nike, Adidas, Facebook, Reebok, etc. have already shown their interest in crypto and Metaverse.

According to data published by trademark and patent attorney Michael Kondoudis (The Law Office of Michael E. Kondoudis), now a luxury watchmaker company Rolex is also going to enter Metaverse and filed an application for Crypto and NFT. Rolex filed a trademark application related to Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

According to published reports, Rolex filed trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on October 31. This application also covers downloadable software for blockchain technology, digital wallets, online spaces for buyers and sellers of virtual products such as watches and watch parts,” virtual environment product placements, and more.

Rolex Has Showed Its Interest in Crypto and Metaverse

Rolex has shown its interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs after filing this trademark application. Now Rolex is also standing in a long line of watchmaker companies that have recognized the appeal of the crypto sector and implemented blockchain technology into their products and operations.

In May 2022, TAG Heuer (a Swiss watchmaker company) announced a partnership with crypto payment provider BitPay to accept crypto payments including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. for their products purchased on their United States official website.

After TAG Heuer, Breitling also partnered with BitPay to allow its customers to pay with major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins for the purchase of its wristwatches and straps.

In August 2022, Jacob & Co revealed its all-new limited-edition Bitcoin-themed deluxe watch dedicated to and inspired by the crypto and digital assets space.

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