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What Is Popcoin Token?

What Is Popcoin (POP) Token? Check The Price Marketcap, Total Supply

A new token $POP is getting popularity in the cryptocurrency market. The token is currently ranking at #3849 on Coinmarketcap. Check the Marketcap, price, total supply, and where to buy this Popcoin $POP.

What Is Popcoin (POP)?

Popcoin is a new coin listed on Coinmarketcap, according to the official website of Popcoin this is a play-to-earn game. Where investors are allowed to win Tokens, participate in events, and most importantly EARN MONEY from this platform. The main idea of Popcoin is to spread income among the players of this game. Popcoin is the easiest way to get enjoyment and earn money while playing games.

Popcoin is Fully Player-driven Economy

Popcoin is a Play-to-Earn game based on blockchain technology for all token lovers. Here players will need to collect tokens as many as token possible to win this game. All Popcoin holders will enjoy the first impressions of the game. Popcoin has also launched NFTs based on this game and NFT holders will be able to use their characters in the game and win rewards and other valuable assets.

Popcoin Tokenomics & Stats

Token SymbolPOP
Token Supply1,000,000,000,000 POP
Circulating Supply50,000,000,000 POP
Current Price$0.004999
All Time High$0.01976
NetworkBinance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Where To Buy Popcoin (POP)?

If you also want to know how and where to buy Popcoin tokens then you are at the right place. The Popcoin is currently being traded at IndoEx. You can follow this link to buy Popcoin.

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