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Bitcoin Bullish Sentiment Is Growing and ORACLE MEME Is Preparing For An Explosion

Bitcoin price has risen steadily over the past 6 months to post a 50% growth. As of this writing, $BTC was trading at $65k. BTC price consolidation has, for the past few weeks, been in a sideway channel between $62k and $72k. This is forecasted to continue, and experts say it indicates an upcoming bullish sentiment. Will Bitcoin hit $100k in the next few weeks? This is highly possible as most indicators show a strong upward long-term trend.

Since Bitcoin sets the market trends, the bull run will excite the entire altcoin ecosystem. As has been the case before, new crypto projects are usually the biggest beneficiaries of bullish market trends. Some of these coins have been posting even +1000% in just a few days or weeks during bull markets. Among the altcoins forecasted to explode during the upcoming bull run is the sensation ORACLE MEME ($OMEME).


ORACLE MEME ($OMEME) crypto project is redefining the meme coin landscape as we know it. For a long time, meme coins have been defined as just fun coins. Oracle project is changing this landscape by building utility and uniting the meme coin ecosystems for the first time. So, ORACLE MEME is not just a typical meme coin but a utility token as well.

According to the Oracle whitepaper, the team is building real utility products for its ecosystem, which will set the project aside from other meme coins. The most exciting product is the ORACLE CHAIN, a layer-2 network solution. The blockchain will be highly scalable, secure, and will offer better decentralization. In addition, Oracle tokenomics are also exciting investors.

ORACLE Utility Features

The Oracle blockchain will host many other exciting and disruptive products that the team is building. These products include:

Meme Coin Generator: This platform will enable users to easily create their own Meme cryptocurrency in just a few clicks. It will enable new developers to expedite the process of creating new meme projects since it provides advanced tools and up-to-date info to developers.

Meme AI Generator: This platform features AI-powered suggestions as well as seamless sharing capabilities. It uses the NLP engine to create exciting images for meme projects. It also makes use of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to help users create and edit images and keep the visual content attractive.  

Meme Launchpad: Developers will be launching their projects on this platform. The launch also offers investors an early opportunity to invest in new coins.

Meme Wallet: A personalized wallet to keep all your Memes in the same place.

ORACLE Mass Adoption Potential

All Oracle products will be running on the Oracle blockchain. In addition, these products will enable thousands of meme project developers to join the Oracle ecosystem. With cheaper and faster transactions and a highly secured network, the Oracle team is giving developers what they have been looking for.

Therefore, the Oracle token ($OMEME, also the native coin) is forecasted to experience mass adoption as thousands of projects join the Oracle ecosystem. This mass adoption will definitely have a positive impact on the $OMEME price performance.

Final Thought

ORACLE MEME project’s disruptive nature has caught the crypto community’s attention. The utility features are already creating excitement around this coin, which is showing in the ongoing presale. With its mass adoption potential and disruptive ecosystem, ORACLE MEME is definitely one of the best projects to launch this year. The current price is only $ 0,00020741 and the next round, which starts in a few days, and has already been announced is $ 0,00031111. Check out the ongoing presale.

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