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DeFiWall ICO

DeFiWall ICO Sale Is Ongoing And Will End On 15 November 2022

DeFiWall ICO sale is ongoing, if you are interested in investing in this ICO then here is a brief detail about this ICO.

What is DeFiWall ICO?

DeFiWall is the best Blockchain in one Decentralised super App. Below are services offered by DeFiWall.

Decentralized Exchange: DeFiWall has a Decentralized Exchange to join this Decentralised exchange you do need not to fill the long forms or upload selfies. Here you can trade crypto anytime from anywhere with ease.

DeFiWall NFT Marketplace: DeFiWall also offers you an easy way to keep all your unique ERC721 and ERC1155 crypto NFTs and other game assets in one single place. DeFiWall NFT Marketplace has a FIWA WALLET where you can store all your NFTs.

Staking: DeFiWall also offers a staking facility to its users. Through coin staking holders gets some decision power on the network. The holders also gain the ability to vote and generate income from their staked coins. The income from staking coins is similar to holding money in your bank’s saving account and in reward you receive interest from your holding.

What are the Features of DeFiWall?

Secure: DeFiWall provides extra security through its high-quality code, thoroughly tested, security audited, and more. DeFiWall also ensures the description of private keys and they never share with their servers or any third-party provider. For ensuring privacy its FIWA wallet does not use analytics.

Fast: DeFiWall is very fast because you do need not to download the blockchain when you open your wallet. You can quickly send and receive transactions.

Simple: To make it user-friendly DeFiWall kept their software simple and easy to navigate with a beautiful user interface. DeFiWall is designed to provide a great user experience.

DeFiWall ICO Details

Token NameDeFiWall
Tokens for Sale2,500,000 FIWA
ICO Price$0.05
Fundraising Goal$125,000
Personal Cap1$-500$
Official Website
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