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Shiba Inu Listing on Bitstamp

Shiba Inu Has Been Listed By Europe’s Largest Crypto Exchange

The wait of Shiba Inu holders is finally over.

After six months of anticipation, the largest cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp in Europe has added support for the most famous meme token Shiba Inu on their platform.

Recently Bitstamp, Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has announced that they have listed the meme token Shiba Inu on their trading platform.

Now to Bitstamp users can easily trade this popular meme coin in pairs of SHIB/USD and SHIB/Euro.

The exchange has also enabled transfers of SHIB coins from this Monday. Users can send and receive SHIB tokens using Bitstamp.

Full trading will start as soon as there will be sufficient liquidity. Users can place limit orders on the exchange and if the limit is matched the order will be executed.

Bitstamp is Europe’s largest crypto exchnage launched in 2011. This exchange is famous for strict regulatory compliance and conservative listing policy. They were initially announced the listing in December 2021, but for some technical issues they postponed the listing.

And now after almost half a year Bitstamp started Shiba Inu trading on their platform.

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