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Ethereum’s Tenth 'Shadow Fork'

Ethereum’s Mainnet Tenth ‘Shadow Fork’ Is Live Before September Merge

Ethereum’s Mainnet Tenth ‘Shadow Fork’ is live now from 26th July, Tuesday hours earlier than expected. The network continuously runs tests ahead of the anticipated shift from using the energy-intensive proof-of-work protocol to proof-of-stake.

In this test, the developers focused more on testing key releases similar to the ones in the upcoming Goerli merge. This is the final testnet hard fork before the real merging of Ethereum.

In this testing, Ethereum has been undergoing a series of tests that copies the data from Ethereum’s main network (called mainnet) to a test environment network (called testnet).

Ethereum’s Mainnet Tenth ‘Shadow Fork’ occurred at 11:45 UTC when Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) was overridden at 54,892,065,290,522,348,390,492 at block 15217902.

After this fork, the project has reached one step closer to Ethereum’s mainnet upgrade which will be done in September. Before this upgrade, the third and final testnet merge Goerli, is expected to happen on Aug. 10, 2022.

According to a report published on CoinDesk, Parithosh Jayanthi Ethereum DevOps Engineer said that this shadow fork will test releases that approximate the releases that will be used in the next Goerli merge. He said this upgrade happened earlier than expected due clear change in the hashrate, or computational power, that speeds up the whole process.

Parithosh Jayanthi also said that this shadow fork is not the last fork before the merge, they will continue to run mainnet shadow forks until the final merge.

During this fork, no significant glitches were reported by the developers. This shadow fork was a successful fork.

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