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Bitcoin.Org Was Hacked

Is Website is Hacked? Giveaway Contest has Appeared on Site the oldest website of Bitcoin Foundation which was registered in 2008 as an educational resource for Bitcoin, was appeared to be hacked for promoting Bitcoin giveaways.

Many users noticed a popup on the Homepage of the website on Thursday early morning. Some users also shared the screenshot of that popup on social media.

The giveaway was promising to double the money of investors after sending it to an address shown on that giveaway popup.

Such a similar crypto scam of the giveaway was also rampant on Twitter. Those scammers have robbed the money of investors by hacking the Twitter accounts of famous people including Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Some famous companies including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.

All other pages of were not functional when the popup was appearing.

The domain was registered on Namecheap and the core contributor Matt Corallo, the site was temporarily disabled.

According to sources the address which was displayed in Giveaway Popup has received 0.4 BTC worth $17,000.

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