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Bitnation – World’s First Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation

What is Bitnation?

People all over the world are bounded by the rules and regulations of the nations and states in which they live in. They are becoming slaves to the government, as they are dependent on the government for their basic needs. In many places, people are not even given any importance and are forced to live according to the system such as economic migrants and stateless refugees. Bitnation has come to answer all these problems and to make people free from these problems.

Founded in 2014, Bitnation is a global marketplace for governance. It is a fully functional Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) that can be joined by any individual. It also offers a public notary service that helps individuals safely secure their legal documents such as land titles, wills, company registrations, etc. with the help of blockchain technology.

The internet of sovereignty – Pangea

Developed by Bitnation, Pangea is a decentralized jurisdiction platform that is available for both iOS and Android users. It’s an amazing platform that was built after doing more than 3 years of research, testing, design, and development. It also possesses codes of more than 100,000+ lines. Through Pangea, anyone can create and become a citizen of a DBVN (Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation).

Users can customize the functionality of the DBVN’s in following ways:-

  1. Users can create a Constitution under which they can govern core principles of membership, keep a watch on how members can enter and leave the nation, and in the last check for the responsibilities as well as benefits.  
  2. Users can choose an Economic Model like Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, and Taxemes etc.
  3. Users can choose a Legal Code that includes Common Law, Sharia, and Civil Law etc.
  4. Selecting the desired decision-making model such as Democracy, Futurarchy, Theocracy, Holacracy, and Autocracy.
  5. Users can choose the type of jurisdiction they want.
  6. Users are also allowed to define the government services as per their will. These include Education, Healthcare, Security, Jurisdiction, and Infrastructure.

Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT)

Pangea platform is powered by an Ethereum based in-app token which is popularly called as Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT).

PAT is used to reward the successful agreements that are made on the Pangea platform. Apart from this, one can also make use of PAT along with the other cryptocurrencies. Users can trade PAT on different cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Bancor, Binance, CryptoCompare, 0x, and ShapeShift. The total supply of PAT is expected to be 42 billion.

How Does Bitnation Work?

Bitnation ecosystem involves mainly four parties in its working. These are World Citizen, Ally, Embassies & Consulates, and Ambassador. They all work simultaneously in the Bitnation ecosystem.

  1. World Citizen: It is the first step to enter in the Bitnation DAO. Anyone can become a World Citizen on the Bitnation platform.
  2. Ally: Once you get partnered with Bitnation, you get a green signal to all the terms and conditions, chats and the newsroom of the Bitnation ecosystem. Users are allowed to post directly to the feeds of Bitnation on Facebook and Twitter. People who have a plan to radically disrupt the world are forced to become an ally.
  3. Embassies and Consulates: These refer to the physical locations like a coffee shop, an office space, home etc. These are the places where the members of the Bitnation can interact. Embassies refer to the place where the member lives and work, whereas a consultant is a place where the members organize a meeting such as a shared office space.
  4. Ambassador: Ambassadors are basically specially trained persons who are present in the DAO of Bitnation. There are mainly three types of Ambassadors which include Diplomatic Ambassadors (DA), Diplomatic Consuls (DC), and Goodwill Ambassadors (GA). At first, when Bitnation came into existence there was only an exclusive group of users which were known as Ambassadors. But, as the organization improved and has moved to DAO structure, then the ambassadors are also categorized into three heads.

Bitnation Unique Features

  • Users are allowed to create their own nations.
  • Bitnation platform offers plenty of citizenship benefits to its users.
  • It possesses users all across the globe
  • Users are offered high-level security with the help of peer-to-peer mechanism.
  • A borderless world is ensured only because of the usage of peer-to-peer contracts.
  • All the necessary details of the citizens are stored in a unique directory.

Bitnation Team Members


  • Rick Falkvinge
  • David Orban
  • Vinay Gupta
  • Killian Kleinschmidt


  1. CEO – Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof
  2. COO – James Fennell Tempelhof
  3. CFO – Dr. John Matthews
  4. Software Architect – Eliott Tessionaire
  5. Lead Ambassador – Erik Vollstädt
  6. Backend Developer – Florian Lenz
  7. React Native Developer – Daniel França
  8. AI Developer – Kent Dahlgren
  9. Resident Genius – Johan Nygren
  10. Legal Advisor – Sonja Prstec
  11. Documentation – Kenneth Lillieholm
  12. Marketing & Communications – Joffy Mills
  13. Social Media – Alma Sommer
  14. Project Coordinator – BjörnPaulsson
  15. Graphic Designer – Adrian Pollio
  16. Web Developer – Camilo Luna

Bitnation ICO Details and Token Distribution

  • Token Name: Pangea Arbitration Token
  • Token: PAT
  • Token Price: 22 PAT = 1 USD
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Smart Contract platform: Ethereum
  • KYC: Yes
  • Payment Accepted: Ethereum
  • Min. investment: 0.05 ETH
  • Total PAT Supply: 42Bn
  • Market Cap:-
    • Hard Cap: $30M
  • Token Distribution:-
    • 34% of the token is distributed on token sale.
    • 14% of the token is distributed to future contributors.
    • 34% of the token is distributed to Pangea citizens.
    • 18% of the token is distributed on core contributors.
  • Projected Use of Funds:-
    • 52% of the token is distributed on technology.
    • 18% of the token is distributed on operations.
    • 18% of the token is distributed on user adoption.
    • 12% of the token is distributed on the ecosystem.

Exchanges and Wallets

Crypto wallets and exchange platforms that support Bitnation includes:-

  • Bancor
  • Binance
  • CitoWise
  • CryptoCompare

Apart from these, there are many more exchanges coming soon in the near future.

Partners of Bitnation

  1. Liberland.
  2. Bitcoin Suisse.
  3. AmaZix.
  5. ABDK.
  6. Network Society Ventures.
  7. The Republic of Estonia.

Achievements and Awards

  • Bitnation has won one of the most renowned and prestigious awards which are the UNESCO NetExplo 2017 Grand Prix. This award was previously won by Twitter and Spotify.
  • Bitnation is the world’s first Blockchain marriage, birth certificate, and world citizenship ID.
  • It has more than 10,000 registered Bitnation citizens and the participation of 200 nations.
  • It has created Estonia’s e-Residency Program in partnership with Estonia. This is the first-ever digital ID issued by the government of any country for anyone around the globe. It also helps people to start and run a business globally in a safe EU platform.

Pros of Bitnation

  1. Pangea allows the user to create a nation in which they can choose their own laws and decision-making rules. Users can also create their own government and write the constitution which they want to offer to the people.
  2. It allows people to join any nation as per their needs.
  3. People in the nation are not divided on the basis of ethnicity, state, etc. Only the people with the same mind and nature are present in the nation.
  4. With the help of the Ethereum smart contract mechanism, disputes are settled and contracts are completed in a simple and easy manner.
  5. Documents like wills, land titles, etc. are stored in a public notary service present on the Blockchain. This is a tamper-proof way to secure one’s documents.
  6. All major currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP are supported on this platform.
  7. This platform provides free shipping worldwide. 
  8. It has a wallet for both Android and iOS users.

Cons of Bitnation

  1. Bitnation has no debit card of its own and offers a card via Wirex platform.
  2. Customer service is not supportive which fails to answer user’s questions.
  3. The verification process is time-consuming.
  4. There are no services for US customers.


Bitnation works on a unique concept and it is a completely blockchain-based platform. The platform can be joined by anyone who wants to become a world citizen. Now, it has already gained thousands of customers worldwide. It is perfect for those who want to become a part of the world’s population and enjoy the benefit of Bitnation citizenship. Thus, looking at all the benefits provided by the platform, it will be right to say that Bitnation’s future is bright and profitable even for ordinary users.

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