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PumaPay – Comprehensive Pull Payment Protocol

What is PumaPay?

PumaPay is a decentralized blockchain-based free Pull Payment Protocol that is built with a vision to incorporate payments of cryptocurrencies smoothly into daily life. It is an open-source blockchain platform that enhances crypto transactions that can be easily integrated and used by any company.

The scalable and flexible design of the platform provides both the users and businesses with a cost-effective and useful payment solution. In simple words, the project aims at solving the issues of the merchants by enhancing the payments in different cryptocurrencies and lowering down their dependency on outdated, inefficient payment methods such as credit cards.

Different payment practices such as pay-per-use, recurring payments, direct debit, shared payments are now made possible over the blockchain technology, all because of PumaPay’s pull payment protocol.

What problems that PumaPay solves?

With traditional billion methods such as credit cards, it would not have been possible to adapt to the fast-changing digital trading network. Moreover, with a high volume of transactions, there are chances of different fraudulent activities that merchants might have to face. Thus, to overcome the limitation of traditional billing, PumaPay’s pull protocol system has been introduced. The protocol simple works on:-

  • Standardizing and developing a comprehensive payment method based on blockchain technology.
  • Solving the substantial intermediary costs that merchant has to suffer by decentralizing the billing layer.
  • Promoting the use of cryptocurrencies both offline and online and using it as a standard means of payment.

PumaPay Unique Features & Advantages

  • PumaPay allows different users to make payments in different cryptocurrencies safely.
  • The project aims to overcome existing online payment problems linked with a current system such as credit cards.
  • Third parties would also be able to contribute to the PumaPay ecosystem.
  • By providing Pull Payment protocol, the company aims to set a base layer where payments in cryptocurrencies would be allowed throughout the world.
  • Business merchants will now be able to control the mechanism of transactions including recurrence, currency, and security measures.
  • Different users through PumaPay save the transaction fee ranging from 3% to 15% high which are charged by middlemen.
  • The protocol eliminates the risks of a chargeback, fraud, and other associated fines.
  • Faster payments will promote business directly throughout the world.

PumaPay Users

  1. Users
  2. Companies

PumaPay Pros

  • Safe and secure network.
  • The project promotes business throughout the world.
  • The pull payment protocol reduces the chance of fraud.
  • Can replace the entire traditional payment method in the future.

PumaPay Cons

  • There are many countries where dealing in cryptocurrencies is not regulated. Thus, for such countries services offered by PumaPay are useless.
  • Those who are not interested in investing in digital currencies might not like the concept of PumaPay.

PumaPay Reputed Partners

  • Alignment Blockchain Hub
  • ImLive.Com
  • Coin Tree
  • Chatmaker
  • Segpay
  • Fashion TV
  • Backpack
  • CCBill
  • LoadedCash.Com
  • Expose Box
  • GameLink
  • Grooby
  • Life Selector
  • Holofilm Productions
  • Scoreslive.Com
  • Palm Island
  • Nubiles.Net
  • Uther Verse
  • Traffic Mansion
  • Puba Cash

PumaPay Team

Yoav Dror is said to be the founder and CEO of the PumaPay Company. Other major concerns for the company include:-

NamePosition in the Company
Giorgos KourtellosChief Blockchain Architect
Milenko StrikaHead of Product
Pantelis FoulisCFO
Gleb ChernovVP Business Development
Stella EvagorouDeveloper
Elena SavvidesHead of HR
Mat StoneCyber Security
Efi ClausDesigner
Sofia MashovesOnline Marketing Manager

Social Media Presence of PumaPay’s Network

One can know about company’s recent update either on their official website or by checking other social media channels such as:-

PumaPay ICO Token Details

  • Token Name: PumaPay
  • Token: PMA
  • Token Price: 1PMA = 0.00,004 ETH
  • Smart Contract platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC223
  • KYC: Yes
  • Payment Accepted: BTC, EUR, ETH, USD
  • Token Sale:
    • Presale Start Date = March 22nd, 2018
    • Presale End Date = March 29th, 2018
    • Crowdsale Start Date = April 26th, 2018
    • Crowdsale End Date = May 2nd, 2018
  • Market Cap:-
    • Hard Cap: 15MUSD
    • Soft Cap: 20k ETH
  • Token Distribution:-
    • 20% of tokens to be distributed among Public Contributors
    • 35% of the tokens to be distributed among the company
    • 20% of the tokens to be distributed among strategic partners and early adopters
    • 15% of the tokens to be distributed among bounty, advisors, bonuses, and fees
    • 10% of the tokens to be distributed among the founding team

Final Words

PumaPay’s concept of enhancing payment in cryptocurrencies throughout the world over a secured Pull Payment protocol is the right way by which blockchain technology would be promoted. The cryptocurrency market will surely see some boost over the conversion of currencies and efficient online transactions which will also help in promoting business around the world.

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