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PayBito Review

PayBito Review – Global Platform to Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency

PayBito is a leading platform for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange operating globally. It’s headquarter is in Fremont, California, United States. This company was founded in 17 December 2017 by Raj Chowdhury. PayBito provides trading for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, HCX, Ripple, ECR20 and many more. Users can trade using INR, USD (US Dollars) and most cryptocurrencies.

According to the founder Raj Chowdhury, after the lift of ban on trading of crypto assets in India, they have noticed the increase in trading of crypto among Indian users. The company is providing easy trading facility using INR. Users can easily deposit and withdraw any amount in INR anytime. PayBito is providing variety of crypto’s to its users to trade with security, which makes it most beneficial for all Indian users.

Services Offered By PayBito

  1. White label cryptocurrency exchange
  2. White-label payment gateway
  3. Exchange affiliate
  4. Coin listing

PayBito Refer and Earn Program

PayBito Refer and Earn Program

PayBito has launched its refer and earn program in India, that provides additional benefit to customers while trading. In this program Indian users can earn commission on referring new users to PayBito. When any user refers someone with his unique referral code then he gets his referral commission in the form of crypto assets after successful registration of the user with referral code.

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