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INDmoney: Now Directly Invest in US Stocks at Zero Commission

Everyone wants to be rich and achieve their financial goals. But it is very difficult without proper investment planning, a perfect investment planning can help in achieving goals easily. There are different investment options are available in the market including Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, etc. All scheme provides good returns with some level of risks.

Today Investing in Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies has become easier compared to previous times. Many applications are available for investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. All Indian citizens can easily invest in Mutual funds and stocks from any application. But do you know you can also invest in US stocks from India?

Yes, it’s true you can also invest in US stocks including major giants Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tesla, etc. from India. Today you are going to learn how to invest in US stocks from India.

INDmoney: Directly Invest in US Stocks

INDmoney is a platform where you can directly invest in US stocks from India without any commission. INDmoney has made the investment in US stocks easier for all Indians. There are no account opening fees to open an INDmoney account.

Features of INDmoney

INDmoney is India’s most rewarding super money app. You will get free US stocks of your favorite brands and apps each time you spend on them via your credit cards. Other features of INDmoney are as follows:

  1. US Stock Investments
  2. AI-based Investments
  3. Automatically Track your money
  4. Zero Commission Mutual Funds Investment
  5. India Stock Investments
  6. Investment Calculators
  7. IPO Investment

How to Buy US Stocks From India?

Indian investors can easily buy and sell Indian stocks from their Demat accounts but if you want to buy US stocks from India, then INDmoney is the best platform for you. Here you can purchase any US stock without any commission. At INDMoney you need not buy a full stock like the Indian stock market, you can also buy a fraction of stocks rather than the full stock of any US company. INDMoney has made an investment in US stocks much easier than before.

Get Free US Stocks On INDmoney

INDmoney does not only provides the facility to purchase US stocks. It is a rewarding platform, you will get free US stocks on your Credit Cards spent on the US brands. And if you refer anyone to INDMoney then both you and your referral person will get some free US stocks as a referral reward in your INDMoney app.

Create Your INDmoney Account And Get Free Google Stocks

If you also want to start investing in United States Stocks then you can create your account by clicking the button below. Once you successfully signup to this platform, then you will get free Google, Netflix, and Microsoft stocks as a reward.

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