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Opiria PDATA Tokens

Opiria – Decentralized Marketplace to Trade Personal Data Securely

Opiria and PDATA – What is it?

Opiria is the world’s largest decentralized personal data marketplace as it connects the company and consumers directly for the exchange of data. For the safe and clear process of buying and selling of personal data, PDATA is the blockchain technology to democratize the brokerage of personal data.

Companies all over the world acquire personal data from their consumers so that products and services can be designed as per their requirements and demands. Here the customers create a passive income stream by monetizing their personal data on the Opiria platform. Companies can trade directly with consumers to buy their personal data. PDATA token represents the value of the personal data in the form of currency.

The concept behind Opiria and PDATA

The personal data of the consumers is extremely valuable for companies today. They need this information to better understand the need and requirements of their customers as this will later help them to provide quality goods & services. Since competition prevails in the market and many companies trying to win market steal consumers’ data without their prior knowledge. The consumers later get nothing in return for their personal data.

To change this trend PDATA token is created to make consumer’s data count. With the help of the Opiria platform consumers are allowed to sell their personal data directly to the companies they want in exchange for the PDATA tokens which can be further taken out for real money.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Consumers provide personal data to companies and get returns in the form of PDATA tokens. Consumers can decide which information they need to share with the company and who can get access to their information. The personal data and the identity of the consumers are completely safe and secured due to the blockchain mechanism.
  • Step 2: Opiria provides a transparent platform to the consumers and companies to directly contact each other and to trade personal data in exchange for the PDATA tokens given by the company. The PDATA token expresses the value of the personal data which is provided by the consumer.
  • STEP3: Company in return for the PDATA tokens get access to the personal data provided by their consumers. The data received by the companies have more chances of accuracy as it comes directly from their respective customers. The quality data help companies to take right decisions of designing new products and services matching the needs and requirements of their consumers. It also helps in improving the sales and marketing activities.

Features of Opiria and PDATA

  • It is the best and secured platform where data can be purchased among different users.
  • Users are given complete control over the data which they want to share and which one they want to keep as private.
  • Since mediocre is removed, therefore the data shared between the parties are of high quality and most accurate.
  • Sharing of accurate data helps companies to take business decisions effectively and more efficiently.
  • Consumers are benefitted from sharing their data in the form of PDATA Tokens which can be taken out later in the form of real (regular) currency.
  • With an accurate supply of data, companies can put more emphasis on sales and marketing strategies.

Clients of Opiria and PDATA

Opiria and PDATA are trusted by dozens of companies worldwide for the need of the personal data of their consumers. Their client list even includes some big shots globally recognized names of fortune 500 brands. These include BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Freightliner, Intel, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, and many more.

Social Media Presence

Opiria specialists are very much confident that their project will lead to improved business strategies in the future. One can know about the recent updates about Opiria’s project through their official website or by other social media channels such as:-

Opiria Team

Dr. Ing Christian Lange is the CEO and Founder of the amazing data-sharing platform while Inf. Marlene Gagesch is the Co-Founder and CTO. In the selling department, Christine Seraph is the sales manager and she is assisted by Alexander Tauber, Gerard Bute, and James Quentin. The software development team of the company comprises of Toma Corbu as Software architecture, Dorin Danilov as App developer, Marius Balaban, and Paul Olteanu as a Frontend developer, Vlad Blana as the Algorithm developer.

Opiria and PDATA ICO Token Details

  • Token: PDATA Tokens
  • Initial Value: 1 PDATA = $0.1 US Dollar
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Token Distribution:-
    • Coins to be offered for ICO will be 50%
    • Tokens to be allotted for the development of the company will be 20%
    • Tokens to be kept as reserve will be 30%
    • Bonus of 40% to be distributed on the first day of ICO
    • No bonus will be given in the last three days of ICO

Final Words: The concept of data sharing within the interested parties sounds quite effective as many large, as well as small-scale companies, keep on looking for data to plan out marketing strategies accordingly. Consumers are also independent to decide which information they want to share and what to keep as private. The only reason to worry is the concept of Opiria is not built for ordinary customers or local people. Therefore, it is very difficult to judge that how many more users the platform can attract.

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