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Multiversum – Relational Blockchain as a Service for Crypto-Relational Database

What is Multiversum?

Multiversum is a blockchain technology that works beyond the limit of conventional blockchains. It increases the layer of data with the help of distributed and self-verifying structures of arranged entities of data that are linked to one another through symbolic representation.  Multiversum is a distributed and decentralized system of blockchain which enables self-authenticating transactions. Unlike the traditional blockchain model of simple data, it enables the relational crypto database which is clustered in the form of graphical representation of the related complex structure of data.

Multiversum is developed with an aim to solve all the issues related to security, transfer speed, transactions and complex data organization.

Features of Multiversum

Multiversum offers certain features to their customers that include:

1. Fast transaction

The funds hardly take 0.2 seconds to get transferred from a wallet to another wallet.

2. Proof of Integrity

With the help of the Proof of Integrity algorithm transferring funds with biometric inputs and multicurrency support can be done in a secure and protected way.

3. Environmental Friendly

The environmental footprint and the cost of a trifling of the transactions which are done on the chain of Multiversum chain are almost negligible.

4. Splitting Chains

Full optimization of resources amidst the nodes is allowed through the severability of the chain.

5. Transaction Throughput

The platform supports 64+ cores technologies. Unlimited scalability system i.e. 64,000 Tps (1000 Tps/core) on a 64 cores server.

6. Next-Generation Wallet

The Multiversum wallet offers multicurrency support which means the user can do trading of tokens and transfer funds with biometric inputs.

Working of Multiversum

Proof of Integrity consensus is used on the Multiversum platform instead of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work consensus. The Multiversum blockchain is appropriate for all ERC23 and ERC 20 compatible tokens. The solutions of Multiversum can be presented on external chains. Multiversum has also introduced apps for iOS and Android platforms that will help in performing transactions of multi-currencies easily.

Problems that Multiversum solve

Multiversum solves certain problems that include:

  1. The data which is complicated does not promptly reach the network in the case of modern websites.
  2. There is no backend support provided by the modern blockchain for the system security and integrity which makes those blockchains unsuitable for financial, institutional, governmental, and industrial environment use.
  3. In the present economic environment, it is difficult to use cryptocurrencies due to their complexities.

Why use Multiversum?

The Multiversum can be used for a variety of reasons such as:

  1. The Multiversum provides all the innovative features such as scalability, chain splitting, parallelism, and data sequencing. These features make it a 4th generation blockchain.
  2. With the use of Proof of Integrity in the computation process, Multiversum offers the performance of database around 64k TPS at comparatively small power.  
  3. Due to the biometric input support in Multiversum, funds and data can be transferred just by using fingerprints and eye scans. 
  4. In order to validate the data, Multiversum allows sharing of a definite amount of personal information publically.
  5. Due to the use of inputs that are based on biometric data, the requirement of all the identity proof which is necessary for the transactions of some cryptocurrencies is eliminated. This makes the platform secure from all theft.
  6. The owner’s character can be protected and verified with the help of the exclusive hash produced through SHA-256. This is used to save all the personal as well as the biometric details of the users.

Pros of Multiversum

  • With the help of cryptographic code of proof of server, the delivery of complicated data of industry is done in a reliable and secure way. This results in achieving energy-efficient and fast validation.
  • All the Cryptocurrencies coins or tokens which support the integration through ERC-23/ERC-20 configuration can be used on this platform. This is a great advantage to those users who have different cryptocurrency accounts.
  • In order to safeguard the safety of wallets of users, Multiversum uses the installation of vital biometrics. This provides the ease of tracing when there is any loss or theft.
  • The Multiversum is planning to launch its mobile application in the near future. This will make trading a lot easier.
  • Multiversum provides services that are used in manufacturing, finance, government, public health, and individuals at a negligible price.
  • The operations of Multiversum strictly focus on profit, planet, and people.

Cons of Multiversum

  • Similar to several ICO platforms which are available in the market there is no surety that the Multiversum platform will work as per the expectations.  
  • The Multiversum platform doesn’t provide the trust to hold the users.

Final words Multiversum is a blockchain technology of the 4th generation which is designed in order to solve different problems which are faced by the conventional blockchain platforms. This blockchain platform uses a structure that is multidimensional, scalable, and shares chains which make it new among other existing blockchains. It will be a good choice for all the organizations and business which are new to the blockchain. The Multiversum blockchain is the result of all the hard work done by a team of enthusiasts and professionals which will certainly achieve success.

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