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Arcona An Augmented Reality Ecosystem

Arcona – An Augmented Reality Ecosystem

What is Arcona?

Arcona is an innovative concept that brings the real and the digital world together. It’s is a virtual platform whose shape and construction is similar to that of the surface of Earth. Each project of Arcona is related to the real cities of the planet. In Arcona, a virtual layer is automatically generated and graphics are saved on the platform without the help of special handlers.

The main aim of the project is to offer users a universal tool which is used to create projects with the help of augmented reality technology. Arcona does not need any special markers to create a virtual layer and graphics anywhere in the world as per the project recommendation. The concept of Arcona is to develop a Digital Earth. Anyone can rent a plot on the digital land to start their business. The Arcona platform uses blockchain technology which makes it a decentralized integrated system.

At Arcona users can remotely install and manage any virtual content.

Unique Features of Arcona

Arcona offers certain features to their customers that include:-

  1. Remote Configuration: Arcona gives access to everyone to develop virtual projects in the virtual world. While developing virtual projects users don’t have to leave their favorite chairs. All the interested users can choose any place according to their wish which can either be the most famous place or the most visited one. Users can create their own world in their own digital land.
  2. Trade and Construction: Anyone can create the world of their choice in the Arcona ecosystem. After creating the world, it is open to trade which means parts of digital land is tradable i.e. it can be sold, buy or rent. In this way, money can be earned by creating and selling the content.
  3. Safety and Security: The platform guarantees the protection of assets and copyrights. Royalties are automatically given to the creator of the digital world and bearings for digital triggers.

How does Arcona Work?

Arcona is a blockchain based AR platform that brings the real and digital world together.

The process of Arcona works as:-

  • Step First: The platform uses the blockchain ledgers to confirm all the identities that own the software, land or any other content.
  • Step Second: After confirming the identities, the platform validates the user rights to transfer anything and the registration deeds.
  • Step Third: Additional layer of guarantee is offered that ensures all the conditions are fulfilled for all the concerned parties registered.
  • Step Fourth: With the help of smart contracts, user’s payments in regard to content purchased/traded are protected.

Why is Arcona important?

Arcona ecosystem basically merges the virtual world with the real world. This platform gives you an opportunity to remotely install and manage any virtual project. The platform has created a world of augmented reality into this planet.

Arcona also allows trading of the virtual world which user creates. It is an interesting idea for a creative person to own a digital land and also for a business person the project can be seen as a profitable business opportunity. Through this platform, anyone can start a commercial or residential project which is situated thousands of miles away.

How token will be distributed among different end users?

The distribution of token among different users will take place as:

  • 20% of the token will be distributed among Team.
  • 7% of the token will be distributed among Advisors.
  • 2% of the token to be distributed among Bounty.
  • 11% of the token to be distributed among Reserve Fund.
  • 60% of the token will be reserved for sale.

Pros of Arcona

  1. Arcona allows you to create the world of your choice in your digital land. Without stepping out of your home you can create the virtual projects as per your choice in any part of the world.
  2. It allows users to choose among the most famous and most visited places.
  3. Arcona ecosystem allows the trading i.e. buying, selling and renting of the digital land. You can earn money by creating the most creative and incredible properties.
  4. The copyright and property rights of the user are secured safely on this platform. Royalty is given to the content creators for the property they created on the Arcona digital platform.
  5. All transactions done on the Arcona platform are reliable, transparent and mobile.
  6. Those who possess the Arcona Tokens are also given the option to participate in the development of the AR ecosystem.

Cons of Arcona

  1. Arcona involves a high use of technologies which may contain many unwanted bugs in software and hardware. These bugs may harm the reputation of the business in a serious way.
  2. Extra media coverage can also have a negative impact on our business.

Final Words

The Arcona Ecosystem forms Digital Earth where the physical and virtual world unites and forms a single information environment which is linked to the real world. This platform gives users to experience the virtual and mixed reality projects in the real world locations. Users can change the near about of the real world around them on their tips through the smartphone, tablet or a headset like HoloLens.

In the real world people around the globe can rent a land for starting their business in the AR platform. Everything in this project is controlled remotely just by sitting in the office which makes it possible to start a business in any part of this globe. Moreover, the AR market has already shown some boost in the last couple of years. The market is expected to grow $150 billion by the year 2020.

The trend of AR games is also very popular as last year “Pokemon Go” an AR game showed a solid impact in the market and let the company see a growth in market cap by $14.8 billion within a week of game release.

Thus, keeping all the positive in mind, Arcona is a perfect platform for those who want to make a startup in the AR market.

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