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Challau Metaverse: Create Your Virtual Office, Home, or College For Free

Metaverse is getting more popular among all brands and people across the world. Many brands like Nike, Facebook, Amazon, and Gaming platforms are adopting this technology. Big celebrities are also seen promoting the Metaverse world. Now you can use Metaverse for your professional as well as personal use.

A company Challau is helping people to create their own Metaverse world for free. Let’s discuss more this company in this post.

What is Challau Metaverse?

Challau is a platform where you can create your own virtual world on Metaverse for free. You can create your unique worlds for social hangouts, community building, an online learning place, professional team collaboration, etc on Challau’s free Metaverse platform for everyone.

You just need to create your account on Challau for free and then start building your own Metaverse world without any charges. Below are some types of Metaverse that can you build on Challau.

Types of Metaverse That Can You Build on Challau

1. 3D Public Profile

You can create your 3D Public Profile on Metaverse with Challau. Through your public profile, you can connect with people around the world and express your ideas, create and share posts, and give your opinion on some issues. Here your 3D profiles will be discoverable and you can meet with your audience virtually like any social media.

2. Residential Places

You can also create your Home on Metaverse with Challau. Here you can meet with your friends, host parties and watch movies together. You can relax on a comfy sofa while watching movies and shows in your luxury Metaverse home.

3. Commercial Office

Create your virtual office and get together with your colleagues in your private penthouse office. You can show your own creativity while designing your office in 3D. You can use screen sharing, webcam casting, whiteboards, and many other office-related tools without any limitations.

4. Learning Places

You can create your own learning places in 3D on Challan. Here you can create classrooms and get back to studying with your students in your private college or learning center. You will get an amazing experience while learning on Metaverse.

5. Avatar

Create your own unique customized Avatar to show your identity. Many tools and outfits are available for customization on Challau.

6. Watch TV and Play Games

Now you can enjoy free movies, TV shows and play games on Metaverse. You will be able to watch news, movies, TV shows, and other content on Challau’s Metaverse. You can play different games like Ludo, Checkers, Guessing games, and more with your family and friends on the Metaverse.

Apart from this you can collaborate and share ideas with colleagues and friends using tools like Whiteboard and Media Sharing on Challau. If you are also getting excited to join Metaverse then you can visit Challau’s official website and start building your own virtual world.

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