Veono: Best Platform to Earn Income By Crypto and Fiat Investments

Veono: Earn on Fiat and Cryptocurrencies

The Crypto market is very big and growing rapidly. People are considering cryptocurrencies as their primary asset for investment. A number of exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, WazirX, BitMart, Bitbns, Coinswitch, etc. are already providing trading facilities in cryptocurrencies. Investors can easily invest in any cryptocurrency using their fiat currencies.

There are different ways to earn profit from crypto assets including trading, stake, and lend. Now today we are going to discuss a different platform where investors can easily earn profit from their cryptos or fiat currencies.

What is Veono?

Veono is the only financial company which is providing the facility for instant crypto and fiat investments. Currently, Veono is providing its financial services in more than 175 jurisdictions.

At Veono the investors can deposit their fiat or cryptos to hold to earn profit up to 24.17%. At Veono digital assets holders can get both benefits to instant access to cash and retain their ownership to crypto assets.

Veono is equipped with military-grade security and with 256-bit encryption to provide a seamless user experience. The funds added by clients in their Veono accounts are held in individually assigned multi-signature wallets in cold storage. BitGo, a cryptocurrency security standard level 3 as well as SOC 2 compliant provides its security to Veono.

Earn Up to 24.17% Monthly on Crypto or Fiat Currencies

Investors can earn up to 24.17% interest on their crypto and fiat investments on daily basis. To earn interest as a passive income investor needs to transfer their crypto assets to their Veono account.

Earn With Veono
Earn With Veono

Currently, Veono is supporting Euro (EUR), Pound (GBP), and US dollars USD currencies as a fiat investment. And in crypto, they are supporting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tron, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and Dogecoin. The interest will vary from 20.1% to 24.17%.

How to Create a Veono Account to Start Investing?

Opening a Veono account for investment is very easy. Here are the steps to open/create a Veono account to start crypto and fiat investments.

  1. First visit to official website of Veono.
  2. Then click on Create Account Option.
  3. You will be redirected to (Veono User Registration Page)
  4. Fill in your basic details including Name, Email, Phone Number and choose a strong password and click on the “Sign up” button.
  5. Then verify your email id by clicking on the address in the verification mail sent by Veono.
  6. After successful email verification you will be prompted to continue to your account.

After completing all the above steps your account will be ready to start your first investment.

How to Deposit Crypto Assets in Your Veono Account?

After successful account creation, you can easily deposit your crypto assets in your account using your Binance account. There are different crypto assets are available to deposit in your account. Before starting a deposit you need to connect your Binance account with Veono.

How Can You Withdraw Cryptocurrency or Fiat Currency from Your Veono Account?

You can easily withdraw your fiat and crypto assets at Zero fees from your Veono account at any time. To withdraw you need to initiate a “Withdraw” request. To withdraw the crypto assets you need to connect your crypto wallet to the Veono account.

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18 thoughts on “Veono: Best Platform to Earn Income By Crypto and Fiat Investments

      1. How to connect our Binance Account with Veono ? Any video link or any Guidelines article showing us how to connect our Binance Wallet wit Veono ?

        1. For Deposit from Binance you needs to go to Add Balance -> Choose Deposit Method in your Veono account. Then you can select the available coins to deposit from your Binance account. After selecting the coin enter the amount you want to deposit. Then a popup will open with the address where you have to send the amount from your binance wallet.

          1. Bhiya mene 100$ lagaya tha jiska expected mujhe mila hai now planning to invest 900$ for 6 months apko rai chahiye safe hai ki nahi .

          2. Hi Amandeep, I am happy after hearing about your profit, our motive is to provide accurate and real information to our readers. But before investing such a big amount in any platform for a long time please do your proper research. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile suddenly prices go up and down. Be careful before investing a large amount.

    1. For Deposit, you need to just select the token and send the amount to the address provided. You can use Binance or any other platform for deposit the methods are the same on all.

      1. Can I directly deposit in veono platform from Huobi exchange wallet? What is the minimum deposit limit in veono?

  1. The entity is claiming to be registered in UK and have provided UK address, however, we checked on UK Company House records, a official company registry (government records) and no such entity exists in UK. Anyone can check this records using below link :
    This said all about this fake existence of this entity. Initially, the entity may pay the higher interest to attract more money and crypto and eventually it will run away with public money. Its no more than a ponzi scheme or scam. Any such entity who accepts public deposit and pay interest has to have a proper financial activity licence from the regulator.

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