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Crypto Crash: Zebpay Announcement Indian Rupees Withdrawals Could Stop

Zebpay Announces Indian Rupees Withdrawals Could Stop!! Zebpay Breaking News: Today on 21-06-2018 Zebpay’s important announcement came for Indian Cryptocurrency users. According to Zebpay, the Withdrawal of Indian Rupees from Zebpay wallet could stop. This news is came after Reserve Bank of India’s circular on Prohibition on dealing in Virtual Currencies: DBR.No.BP.BC.104 /08.13.102/2017-18 dated April […]

Which Russia’s Bank’s are Piloting Bitcoin and Crypto Portfolios?

Russia’s Bank’s are Piloting Bitcoins and Crypto Portfolios Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular day by day. According to recent news and a post in Kommersant newspaper, the largest banks of Russia are piloting Bitcoins and Crypto portfolios in Russia. The banks are piloting cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and other coins) for their […]

Introduction to the Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data, the Internet of Things

Introduction to Cryptography in Big Data and IoT In general, security is an important aspect of the IoT and Big Data, as basic as low power utilization, reasonableness, and remote availability. Data security is a prime objective for each person and association. Since IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets are streamlined for low power utilization and […]

9 Benefits of Blockchain Technology You Need to Know

Top Benefits of Blockchain Technology Decentralized Resilient Scalable Secure and Auditable Autonomous Transparent Quick Economic Increased Capacity 1. Decentralized The blockchain is an open public ledger without any intermediary or third party. This ledger is maintained by the different decentralized nodes on the network. It’s a peer to peer network in which there is no need […]

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